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Bringing Preschool Back to the Basics

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Creating a Foundation for Social and Emotional Growth.

Here at Country Day Academy, our philosophy is that children are agents of their own learning. They use exploration and play to build knowledge, skills, and feelings actively. These are integral parts of a child’s education and essential to their quality of life and understanding of the world around them. We know all aspects of their development and learning are interrelated and interdependent; therefore, we provide your child with an engaging learning environment that encourages growth, curiosity and builds confidence. Children have the natural desire to explore and discover the world around them. Country Day Academy is committed to fostering each child’s physical, social, and emotional well-being, as well as their growing need for independence. We believe in unleashing the child’s full potential to lay a solid foundation for a love of learning and a future leader!

Our Mission

Country Day Academy is a supportive, nurturing environment that recognizes the importance of the early childhood years. We believe that children need to engage in their natural desire of learning by promoting a sense of wonder and curiosity through playful exploration and interaction with the world around them.

Health & Safety

At Country Day Academy, we make health and safety a top priority. That is why we limit school access, administer health checks, and have a well-defined policy regarding COVID-19 and other illnesses.


Specially designed and unique manipulatives to actively engage little learners in lessons

Multi-sensory and developmentally appropriate lessons that address each learning area children need to get ready for kindergarten

Easy-to-learn and easy-to-teach activities that provide a scaffolded approach for deeper understanding

Teacher’s guides and student editions to bring learning to life with targeted, explicit instruction

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