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Health and Safety

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Limiting School Access

Currently, with COVID-19, we feel it is best to limit the exposure in our classrooms, and we ask that you meet your child’s teacher at the classroom door. We understand that this might be difficult, but it is for the children and staff’s health and safety.

Health Checks

During peak times upon entry to Country Day Academy, you will be asked several COVID risk-related questions as well as have your temperature checked. Throughout the day, there will be random temperature checks on staff and students. We ask that all adults and children over the age of 5 wear a mask while in the center.

Our Sick Policy

If your child becomes ill or runs a fever at school, we will call you immediately and ask that they be picked up as soon as possible. In general, if you suspect that your child is getting ill or is contagious, keep them at home and consult with your doctor.  We will welcome your child back into our school once they are free of symptoms without medication for 24 hours or have a doctor’s note stating that they can return to school.

COVID-19 Potential or Confirmed Exposure

Anyone with suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 in their household must remain out of our schools for 10 days. The classroom that was exposed will be closed for the 10 days for cleaning and sanitation. During that time tuition is reoccurring. 

Country Day Academy Mission

Country Day Academy is a supportive, nurturing environment that recognizes the importance of the early childhood years. We believe that children need to engage in their natural desire of learning by promoting a sense of wonder and curiosity through playful exploration and interaction with the world around them.

What We Offer


At Country Day Academy, we use the Get Set for School curriculum by Learning Without Tears. Get Set for School is a complete, developmentally appropriate Pre-K program that is expert-backed, research-based, and proven successful.

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